Maxine – Scaravelli inspired Yoga Teacher and Natalie – Bowen Technique practitioner, have brought their practices together, to devise a way of working with the body that encourages a slowing down. The slow pace in which they work invites a gentle winding down from everyday over stimulation. They believe it is essential to develop awareness about paths of ease and restriction that exist in the body, in order to establish a more healthy way to move. Freeing oneself from unconscious patterns can provide an essential tool to combat overwhelming and continual stress responses.

“Do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose. Do not look at your body like a stranger, but adopt a friendly approach towards it. Watch it, listen to it. observe its needs, it’s requests and even have fun” Vander scaravelli

 Our workshops are focused on calming and soothing the bodies systems through Yoga movements, breath awareness and subtle application of Bowen Technique.

Appropriate Bowen Technique moves are applied after a sequence of yoga. There is a rest period before the sequence is repeated. The participant has time to assimilate and experience if there has been any changes in the body.

The Format of the Day

A Theme is chosen to ‘Hang the day on’. Inspiration is taken from their own personal insights and other inspirational movement practitioners. Often a quote is chosen to help focus the attention of the practice .

‘Let us be less impatient. Let us be more wise and take things easy. If the asanas are done peacefully, this yoga will indirectly slow us down (also improve the immune system which suffers from stress) and strip us out from many useless and harmful efforts, giving us the feeling of a different quality and introducing a delicate fragrance into each day’s existence.’

  • Vanda Scaravelli (on Life)

The day is divided into four sessions, each of which will be repeated before the gentle application of Bowen Technique. There is a combination of floor and standing postures which can either work with or against gravity, exploring to find the most harmonious movements.  Sometimes  we work with the body as ‘whole’ and sometimes with differentiation of the parts.

The work is not about stretching, but it might be…it’s not about doing postures better, but that be an outcome……

Yoga- Bowen uses an open ended approach to honour the uniqueness of all individuals. This attitude provides a non- prescriptive outcome so that the participant can experience their OWN experience and insight. We are always looking for a possibility that something might happen… for each of us it can be deeply personal.

Breath awareness is introduced at the end of each session, this allows a connection with the breath and a period of time for assimilation and integration of experience.

Partner work

working with others can often hold up the mirror for our own innate patterns. We can encourage and support each other to see and feel more clearly.

‘The is a way of practicing Yoga that takes us deeper, in every sense. There is a way of approaching our practice without the idea of ‘end gain’ and ‘doing postures’ that keeps it new and fresh every time we step on the mat. By being truly present with an open mind and a sense of enquiry, we allow for exploration and learning – the essence of yoga”. Maxine Matthews

Our philosophy– There is no need to try and fix the body, but simply bring awareness to what restricts our natural movement. With awareness we can create an opportunity for change in our perception and in the way we move.

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