Maxine and I are pleased to announce a new dates for our Yoga- Bowen workshop in April 2020 . Please visit our news page for more information

‘The Marriage between breath and movement is deep and abiding…It began with our first breath at birth…It’s fundamental nature is that, like life, it is constantly changing. It rocks us, fills and empties us, expands and condenses. It creates an extraordinary symphony of both powerful and subtle movements, that massage internal organs, oscillate joints and alternately tone and release all the muscles in the body.’ – Donna Farhi

‘The is a way of practicing Yoga that takes us deeper, in every sense. There is a way of approaching our practice without the idea of ‘end gain’ and ‘doing postures’ that keeps it new and fresh every time we step on the mat. By being truly present with an open mind and a sense of enquiry, we allow for exploration and learning – the essence of yoga”. Maxine Matthews

Our philosophy– There is no need to try and fix the body, but simply bring awareness to what restricts our natural movement. With awareness we can create an opportunity for change in our perception and in the way we move.

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